Register for School Licenses

The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership is designed to be budget-friendly for teachers and schools so that as many educators as possible can benefit.

School licensing is $330.00 per teacher for a year’s membership.  You can purchase one or more at this time. It includes access to all materials for the entire program, professional development videos, downloadable PDFs, and all teacher resources that are available to be “purchased” with their monthly credits..

These licenses are individual and non-transferrable, meaning your teachers keep their access to the membership site and discussion community no matter what or where they teach in future years.

If you bring more staff on board (either for the current school year, or in future school years) and wish to purchase additional licenses, you can do that while enrollment to The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership is open… usually just twice a year.

Here is the process for purchasing:

  1. Complete the form below.  If you are paying by credit card, we also ask that you provide us with the names and email addresses of the teachers to receive login credentials.  If you are buying more than 10 licenses, we will send you a spreadsheet to complete with all the names.
  2. After receiving your order, if you are wanting to pay by check or by Purchase order we will send you an invoice via e-mail to the contact person.
  3. You should submit the invoice to your school district to send the payment via USPS.  The mailing address to send your check will be printed on the invoice.
  4. Once payment is received from your school district, we will e-mail the contact person for the names and e-mail addresses of the teachers that are to receive a license.
  5. If you are paying now by credit card, your order will be processed within 2 business days.  If you are paying by check or purchase order, we will be in touch shortly to process that payment.
  6. After we receive the names and e-mail addresses of the teachers, we will create accounts for each teacher to access their professional development member’s dashboard.
  7. Each teacher registered will receive an e-mail with their login details and have full access to the professional development membership for one year.

School License

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    If you choose to pay by Credit Card, you will be asked for payment in the next step. Please have your form of payment ready. If you are paying by check or purchase order, we'll be in touch to arrange for your payment.
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    Please Note: Licenses are NON-TRANSFERRABLE. Once a license is purchased, it cannot be transferred to another teacher in the school /district. If additional licenses are needed after your initial purchase, please email
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