The Special Education Teacher Balancing Act

As a special educator, you need to juggle: staff training, behavior plans, data, IEPs, lesson planning, and so much more. Often, we are expected to do this all without consistent help or support.

I spent years as a classroom teacher and I struggled to do it all because challenging behaviors kept overtaking my classroom.

Today, I want to share my 10 Quick Wins for Positive Behavior Change. These tried and true strategies pull from the evidence based world of Applied Behavior Analysis. Reducing your students’ challenging behavior and teaching positive, prosocial skills is possible. And it’s possible without reinventing the wheel. You are likely already on the right track and some little tweaks can make a BIG impact. 

Grab your 10 Quick Wins sheet and point your classroom in the right direction. Learn 10 actionable strategies you can implement in your classroom RIGHT NOW. These strategies will help you develop behavior plans that result in long lasting change.