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Enrollment for January 2020 is Closed.


Here’s what our members are saying just a few months in –

“Honestly, I have loved everything about this membership. This is my sixth year teaching and yet I find myself soaking in every bit of information! Thank you, Sasha.”


“I have loved the sense of community. I teach in a county where we don’t have a lot of outside time to collaborate with other teachers in our position. This membership has allowed this special group of people to collaborate meaningfully!!”


“I can’t say there is one thing I’ve enjoyed the most. The videos are amazing, the resources are lifesavers, and the Facebook community has been great. I’ve really enjoyed all of it along with the additional resources with some of the videos! Thank you for doing this for all of us!!!”


“You have provided the members of this group with so many downloads and resources that we’re all like “duh, why didn’t we think of that?!” Your membership has taken a lot of stress out of our lives!”


Sometimes you just need someone to guide you in the right direction.
Whether you are a new teacher, a veteran in the field or a parent looking to learn more about how to work with your child – The Autism Helper Professional Development membership may be the right option for you!

As special educators, we are challenged to create an environment that gives all of our students the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. Meeting our learners’ diverse academic and behavioral needs is no small task.

How this Membership will give you the support you need:

Training Videos






aligned to your needs

Digital Resources


hands-on and engaging


simple to explain


easily differentiated



like-minded educators


share in your success


collaborate & trouble shoot

“Thanks for being a teacher who is striving to be better at their job. This, in turn, is bettering the lives of our students on the spectrum. In the end, that’s the common goal we all have. We are all trying to create an environment for our students where they feel safe, loved, and respected.  We are all trying to provide our students the skills they need to be independent and successful adults.”
 – Sasha Long

This Membership provides the best and most actionable ideas from Sasha’s Professional Development Workshops in a step by step way to create a clear plan for your classroom!

Are you ready for instant access to training that finally meets your needs? Are you ready for time-saving instructional resources? Are you ready for editable classroom templates and more?

Are you ready to say YES to The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership? Here’s exactly how it works:



Click “start now” below and follow the prompts to complete your payment.



You’ll receive the login details for your membership area within 15 minutes of completing your payment.



Login to your Members Area and get access to your first month of content — ready for you to watch, print, teach, and enjoy!



Each month for as long as you’re a paying member, you’ll be given access to new content each and every month. So come back each month and watch your new training videos and download your new monthly resources.

Wonder How the The Autism Helper Came to Be…
Meet Sasha!

Sasha Long, BCBA, M.A., is the founder and president of The Autism Helper, Inc. She is a board certified behavior analyst and for over 10 years she was a special education teacher. Sasha now works full time as a consultant, writer, and behavior analyst. Sasha also travels internationally as a speaker and consultant providing individualized training and feedback to parents, educators, therapists and administrators in the world of autism.

Here’s a peek into the Membership:

Professional Development Training Videos

Each month, you will receive access to value-packed training videos.


4-8 training videos a month


set up in short yet actionable formats


content available in audio only, captioned versions, or written transcription


access these videos for as long as you are a member

“The videos are the perfect length that I can watch them at the beginning of my prep and it sets the tone for me to be productive and work on the things that will best support my students. I love the membership!!” – Melissa

New Resources for you to choose from each month

Members get 3 resource credits a month!

Choose 3 resources to download from a selection of materials hand-picked by Sasha.  Utilize resources immediately or come back to them in your Member Dashboard.  Any unused credits rollover to the next month.

“I have enjoyed having access to the downloadable resources. I would pay the subscription fee just for the videos and Facebook group, so I feel like I’m getting these credits for free.” – Andrea


A Community

Get access to a members only Facebook group!

Share Your Progress

Monthly FB Lives with Sasha

Collaborate with Your Peers

“I have loved the community and having someone to “talk to” who is in the same “boat” as me.” – Patricia

Still not sure if the membership is right for you?

Hear from our current members on Episode 58 of The Autism Helper Podcast:

Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I have access to the resources?

You will have access to the resources immediately after you join!

As long as you remain an active member of The Autism Helper Membership, new resources will be accessible via your Member Dashboard.

On the first of each month, the resources will be replaced with the new month’s resources. You will still have access to the resources you have “purchased”.  You will also be able to view the training videos over and over again.

How do I cancel my membership?

All memberships will renew automatically based on your subscription plan. If you wish to cancel your membership please complete the Cancellation Request form found on the FAQ  at least 7 days before your renewal date, otherwise you will be charged for the following month. Be aware that cancellations are processed IMMEDIATELY.

Once you have canceled you will no longer have access to the Members Dashboard nor any content on The Autism Helper Membership.

Do you offer refunds?

Sure… you have 14 days to make your final decision.

Any member that purchases The Autism Helper membership and realizes that it is not for them may choose to cancel their membership within the first 14 days for a complete refund…. no problem.

If I have a tech issue, how do I get help?
Most of your questions can be answered in the FAQ section of the site. If that doesn’t address your issue, please contact us at
When will I get charged for the membership?

You will get charged for your monthly membership on the monthly anniversary date you signed up on. If you signed up on May 17th, you will get charged on the 17th of every subsequent month.

How can I leave you feedback or ask you questions?

We’d love to hear your feedback and answer your questions. You can send them to Please give our team a few days to reply.

Can I share one of the resources I got in The Autism Helper Membership with another teacher?

Sorry. The membership price covers the cost for one teacher to use the resources for their own classroom/students. You can not share these products with other teachers digitally or in printed form at all. If you have a teacher friend that would like to get our resources too, you can send them here.

Do you accept school purchase orders?

Yes, we sure do.  Schools may purchase a license for $330/year.  This is good for one licensee and is not transferrable  To purchase one or more license just go here.

Schools may pay by credit card, check or purchase order.  See the School License page for details.

How is this different than your TpT store?

This membership is SO much more than access to some digital resources. Resources are a tool and in this membership we will show you the best and most effective way to utilize these tools. The training videos were created specifically for this group. This membership is a hybrid of Sasha’s Professional Development Workshops, a consultation, and the TpT store. Also, we give access to a selection of resources each month to ensure you are getting materials you don’t already have! 


Can I receive CEUs for watching training videos?

Yes, you can get 4 CEUs after 4 months of watching the training videos. CEUs will need to be requested after 4 months and are only available at that interval. School districts differ in what they will accept as a CEU. It is up to each member to confirm that CEUs from The Autism Helper, Inc. will be approved by your school district. Sasha Long, BCBA is an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

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